Julie Colman (Producer)
"Working with Matt is an absolute delight. He took our brief and took it to the next level creating stills that captured the joy and energy of the shoot."
Nick Royak (VP of Marketing)
"I'd recommend Matt for any set and for any situation. He's a pro and his work is worth it. I can't wait to work with him again."
Jane Gull (Director)
"I had nothing but compliments from my cast on how Matt made them feel, I'd love to have Matt on set with me on all my jobs."

Matt Towers is a UK Based Still Photographer, currently residing in London.

Matt started out as a Documentary and Travel photographer, capturing diverse people, locations and moments all over the world, which eventually led to finding his niche in the film industry. What started on BFI funded shorts has slowly gained momentum into now shooting on HETV having recently completed filming on Call the Midwife - Season 11 (BBC) , The Devils Hour (Amazon) and Shakespeare & Hathaway - Season 4 (BBC) 

With experience across genre and location, Matt is adept in studio shoots and on-set stills, capturing moments that require silence and quick preparation.

 Always willing to get stuck in and help out when the opportunity arises, respecting crew and cast boundaries and knowing what needs to be done in order to market the production while complementing and shooting the directors and cinematographers vision. 

Currently shooting dailies for Amazon/BBC but available for projects. Let me know what you have going on and I would love to introduce myself further. 



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